Award of FAS project, Turkey

Eurecna has been awarded the TA for the Establishment of a Farm Advisory System (FAS)

On August 29, Eurecna has signed the contract for the EU funded "Technical Assistance for the Establishment of a Farm Advisory System (FAS) in Turkey".

The project aims to operate a system of advising farmers on land and farm management and to raise awareness of the probable advisors and farmers on material flows and of on-farm processes relating to the environment, food safety and animal health and welfare, cross-compliance and Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC) standards.
The Contractor will provide services such as:
- Preparation and carrying out of a seminar for EU practices on developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of the Farm Advisory System (FAS), cross compliance rules, GAEC standards.
-  Review of the Turkish legislation and practice related to advisory services.
- Analyse of the future tasks and responsibilities of General Directorate of Agricultural Reform (GDAR) - Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) Department.
- Study visit of Turkish experts to give a right idea of FAS and its framework and regulations.
- Drafting of proposal for procedures, rules and programs for establishing and operation of the future FAS Coordination Centre.
- Promotion of FAS, preparation of application forms to farmers.
- Training programs for farmers, NGOs and advisors.

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