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Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies for Public-CSO Cooperation

Key expert 1: Team Leader, expert in civil society development and/or social policy

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Project description

The objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation between public sector and CSOs.
The Contractor will support Ministry of Family and Social Policies in terms of:
i) increasing the capacity of the Ministry and CSOs in terms of mutual policy making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
ii) capacity building and acquiring experience on the implementation of code of conduct in the framework of negotiation preparations for Social Policy and Employment Chapter and conducting negotiations;
iii) strengthening cooperation among CSOs and between CSOs and relevant public institutions in the field of social policy;
iv) capacity building for CSOs regarding legal assistance and counselling.

The Contractor will provide services such as carrying out in-depth stakeholder mapping studies, organising capacity building activities such as training, study visits, informative meetings, preparation of guidelines, e-learning modules, a paper on best practices in the field of CSO counselling, Governance Model and plan or future actions, project and cooperation camps for CSOs.

Job description

Team Leader (TL) will be responsible for general coordination of project activities, project management and implementation, thus he/she will ensure coordination among other experts and backstopping team. TL will also be responsible for checking the outputs and indicators are in accordance with the ToR and the work schedule. He/she shall act as the main counterpart to the MoFSP in relation to the performance of project activities. He/she will be responsible for the efficient and effective financing management monitoring and the project implementation in line with EU procedures and this ToR.
As a TL he/she will be in charge of CSO mapping and analysis, implementation of information meeting, as well as provision of expert support to all thematic activities in this project. TL will also participate to the Opening and Closing conferences. The TL will be in charge of quality control and ensuring that all documents are in line with current and most advanced European practice in the field of social policy.

Location: the operation base will be in Ankara with activities to take place in 10 pilot provinces (tentatively lstanbul, Ankara, lzmir, Adana, Trabzon, Diyarbakir, Van, Bursa, Malatya, Edirne).
If the expert needs to work home-based or at weekends, prior approval of the Contracting Authority should be taken. Each key expert subject to current contract should spend minimum 85% of their time in the beneficiary country during the contract implementation.

Job duration

24 month (455 working days)

Job profile

Qualifications and skills
- At least Bachelor degree. In the absence of degree equivalent professional experience of minimum l0 years on civil society or social policy;
- Master's and/or PhD degree in political science, public administration, law,' social science or related disciplines will be an asset;
- Good command of written and spoken English.
General professional experience
- Minimum 6 years of professional experience in the field of civil society development and/or social policy;
- Experience in a managerial position such as a Team Leader/Project Manager or equivalent.
Specific professional experience
- At least 3 experiences in good governance with civil society in the field of social policy
- Experience in the projects conducted in the field of social policy or CSO-government cooperation in Turkey will be an asset.