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Support to Coordination of EU funded interventions in Borno State, Nigeria

Team Leader for the project ‘’Support to Coordination of EU funded interventions in Borno State, Nigeria’’

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Project description

 The purpose of this project is to provide experts (technical assistance) to the European Union Delegation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Borno State Government with the necessary managerial, technical and administrative capacity to ensure coordinated and efficient implementation; monitoring and evaluation of EU funded actions in Borno State. The experts will also provide technical advice and support to Borno State government in addition to liaison efforts. Results to be achieved include (i) efficient implementation of all activities and achievement of expected targets for all components of the "EU support for response, recovery and resilience in Borno State", as well as effective coordination with other EU funded humanitarian and development activities; (ii) successfully manage and implement the monitoring and evaluation systems put in place to ensure (a) smooth implementation aligned to planned programme results and objectives of the various EU-funded grantees and (b) minimising of delays and risks, (iii) EU's representation in platforms of dialogue and response coordination at Borno State level is ensured and continuous coordination with DG ECHO field representatives and development actors working in Borno is enhanced; and (iv) the level of knowledge and understanding at the EU Delegation in Abuja of local challenges and problems related to the implementation of EU funded programs is enhanced through regular and timely reporting.

Job duration

36 months (with a possibility of extension)

Job profile

Qualifications and skills

  • Master Degree or equivalent of a relevant related disciple (such as development studies, law, political science, administration and management, economics, public relations).
  • Good knowledge of EU development cooperation procedures and instruments;
  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience in related fields, preferably has been working directly with the beneficiary government or in other fragile states.
  • Experience in leading a group of experts in at least two other projects of at least 2 years' duration each before this contract
  • Fluent in English.
  • Key sectoral skills required includes
    • Institutional development and capacity building
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Programme and resource management
    • Public administration
    • Decentralization and local development