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Our business, our success. In over 20 years history.


Eurecna starts new projects in Lebanon and Costa Rica.


Eurecna starts new projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Gambia, Honduras, Turkey, and OCTA countries.  Our first wind farm starts commercial operation (Cerna, 17.5 MW, Romania), saving over 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year.


Eurecna enters the top 10 list of Europeaid contractors (http://europeaidcontracts.com/) and wins its first contract in Vietnam, West Bank and Gaza and in Turkey.


Eurecna consolidates its position in Latin America winning an important contract in Bolivia and another in El Salvador. 


25% of the revenues of the Eurecna group have been generated by its renewable energy operations.


Eurecna has won its first large contract in Latin America.


Through the merger, the share capital of Eurecna has reached € 4M and the turnover € 10M.


Through a merger with a spin-off of the E-TREE Company, Eurecna has acquired a core competence in the ICT sector to provide top quality services for e-business and e-government.


Eurecna has started to invest massively in the Renewable Energy sector.


Eurecna has set up a new professional unit to deal with Public Sector governance and to provide assistance to transition countries in the European Integration process.


Eurecna has won its first large contract in Africa and Middle East.

The company name was changed into Eurecna.


With over 6 m€ of consolidated turnover and a network of subsidiaries in 12 Central-Eastern European countries, Euro-In Consulting became a top regional player in the consultancy industry.


Through a Management-Buy-Out a core group of 12 international experts have acquired the control of the company.


Euro-In Consulting has won its first EU-funded Phare project. It was a 200,000 € contract to help the Romanian Government to draft its first SME Development Strategy.


Euro-In Consulting has established its first foreign subsidiary, Sloveneta. It was registered in Slovenia, at that time still part of old Yugoslavia.


Euro-In Consulting Srl (the first registered name of Eurecna) was established in Venice to support the internationalisation of Italian SMEs.